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    Hello there friends and fiends,


    In this forum post I am going to convince you that you should make a spot for me in the FUZI clan, I have also taken the time to copy paste in the requirements for joining and have made some editorial changes that I will mark up with underlining.



    08:13 PM

    FuziClan Recruitment Requirements.

    We are Bringing Together A Rust Clan. We Currently Play On the UK Wasteland Server.


    We Need People That Are Trustworthy And Experienced. But Also people that are going to play their part in the clan.

    Nobody Wants A Clan Member that doesn't Pull there weight. So if We need to gather resources then that's what we will be doing.

    Clan Members are free to do anything else if the clan aren't planning something or raiding, etc. Obviously if You Are Offline that is Fine.

    We Are a chilled out clan and have a great sense of humor and no squeaky voices so if you think you're the right person then sign up!


    To Apply You Must Meet the Following Requirements

    (Please post your application in the Recruitment Forum)


    MUST be 18 or older. (some younger ages may be accepted)

    my birthday is 25th of November 1985, this means I will be turning 30 this year, my voice is no baritone but I don't think it can be described as squeaky


    Speak Proper English.

    I'm a native Dutch speaker but having gone to English language schools from age 8-19 I would say my English is on par or even better than most natives.


    Do Not Rage In Chat, It Makes The Clan Look Bad.

    I feel that if you are using chat for anything other than personal gain or trolling you're misusing it, raging at people in chat is just what they want and thus futile.


    Certainly NO HACKERS or CHEATS.



    200+ in-game Hours.

    I left my rust open in the background last holiday and as such I can now boast over 1k hours played!


    Tell Us A Little About Yourself. and your in-game name.

    I have already been playing with a majority of the clan over the last week(s) and as such I think I have demonstrated my capabilities and personality traits. I am a fun-loving guy that plays this game to get away from the stress of work. However when I do not agree with something I will try to come up with a viable alternative that is acceptable to all parties or at least have a good argumentation as to why I disagree.


    Mention Any Previous Clan History Within The Server We Play.



    Have A Decent Working MIC with TeamSpeak And/Or Skype.

    yes, I will never be online without also being on ts, the other way around is more likely as I see myself as a highly sociable person and play games more for the social interaction than just the game itself.





    have a good day!





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    you match all the requirements and from what DeerBra has told me your worth letting into the clan. just hope we can do some awesome raid's. welcome :D



    P.s: "you are" or you're is a personal preference.

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