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Infinity Arts

Infinity Arts


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      My name is Bret I'm 15 I got by Infinity or Infinity Arts. I'm a self taught graphics designer and run a YouTube to upload my work. I made a website back when I was hosting a Gmod server which I gave up on as it was too time consuming. Although you can still visit it here: (slightly out of date) https://perspectiverp.com/forums/. To be honest I don't nearly have the proper qualifications to join as I only have about 39hrs on record and only recently got into rust.  I'm a legendary eagle on CS:GO and enjoy strategic games such as the Total War series. I would say my years of playing Arma and DayZ have helped improve my awareness in games such as Rust.


      Most of my time on rust was spent on a PvP/Base Building server where I made a Honeycomb/Hexagon base design that required an attacker to blow through a minimal of 3 walls in the space of 1 foundation (This was only the outer layer). I would repeat itself again until it reached a core which I used half blocks with the triangle floors (Hexagon Base Part) to build a spiral jump up that is easily destroyed if someone were to use C4 on it preventing them from being able to jump up the spiral. The base was very stable due to the nature of the design and pillars. Going back to the part about C4 the base had a 2 front doors air-locked 3 times eventually funneled into 1 door. and the base was build so it would require foundation steps to reach the doors so if anybody attempted to blow the doors down the stairs would break thus preventing them from entering the base that way. I don't pretend I'm an amazing base builder and in-fact could probably learn a lot more from a veteran group. I'm a fast learner I have a mic and the ability to use Skype, Steam, Curse, or Teamspeak.





    Hope to hear back soon.







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    hey bret, i guess as you seem like you know what your doing, we will make an exception on the hours/age limit etc. not only cause we need another member to join the clan but also if your willing to make us a logo/gfx banner or similar. We are currently on the UKwasteland server. its just fresh wiped. so we are starting out. please add me on skype: FuziDev

    WELCOME TO FUZICLAN :P :D :ph34r: B)


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